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        I've created a native iOS application that installs configuration profiles (.mobileconfig files) on our company iOS devices. The app is required as our MDM system does not support that particular profile installation. Since iOS 11.3 it is possible to install the configuraiton profile using a SFSafariViewController by opening a URI that contains a .mobileconfig file. The user is prompted with "This website is trying to open Settings to show you a configuraiton profile". After accepting it, the configuraiton profile is displayed. Prior to iOS 11.3 opening a URI that pointed to a .mobileconfig file resulted in an empty page being displayed (I've tested with iOS 11.2.6).


        Unfortunately I didn't find any information in the release notes of iOS 11.3 why it has not been possible to install a configuration profile using SFSafariViewController prior to iOS 11.3. Does anyone have more information related to this change?