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        Earlier I had about 20 similar travel apps. All of them received a rejection for the reason of Guideline 4.3 - Design Spam. Later, according to Apple recommendations, I have combined all similar apps into the one container app.


        Now, when I try to publish any new apps or updates I get the same rejection (Guideline 4.3 - Design). It looks like an automatic rejection for everything that I try to upload. I have to constantly ask for a re-check. After the moderator team re-checks the app, the app is passed successfully without any rejection.


        Last time I tried to publish stickers app. This app is based on a "Sticker Pack App" template in Xcode and has unique and exclusive stickers for iMessage. And this app gets the same rejection. I'm sure that after my request this stickers app will pass successfully. But I do not understand why I have to ask for a re-check every time.


        New apps and updates still get wrong rejection after I fixed everything that Apple requested (combined all similar apps into the one container app). Why is this happening?


        I turned to the forum, because Apple support answers me with a templates.