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        Summary: Using the in-built Safari Driver bundled with Safari 11, Mac 10.13 is not working for fileUpload


        Steps to Reproduce:

        Expected Results: 1. Sendkeys should work for input[type="file"] if the input element is visible


        Actual Results: Error ""An element command could not be completed because the element is not visible on the page.".


        Version/Build: Safari 11, Mac 10.13


        Configuration: os.name: 'Mac OS X', os.arch: 'x86_64', os.version: '10.13.1', java.version: '9.0.1'\nDriver info: org.openqa.selenium.safari.SafariDriver\nCapabilities [{applicationCacheEnabled=true, rotatable=false, databaseEnabled=true, handlesAlerts=true, version=13604.3.5, cleanSession=true, platform=MAC, nativeEvents=true, locationContextEnabled=false, webStorageEnabled=true, browserName=safari, javascriptEnabled=true, platformName=macOS, cssSelectorsEnabled=true}]