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        Is the Salary for iOS developers generally lower compared to the Java programmer?

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          You should find interesting information here.

          h ttp://www.businessofapps.com/guide/ios-android-developer-salary/


          It shows that the salaries are very close (a few percent difference) ; so the difference will come from the personal experience of the developer, more than the language.

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            Interesting, i think if you're just an ios or android code monkey, the pay would be mediocre then depends on your background what skills you bring to the table.  if you're one of the ones who developed the code to jailbreak ios, you can pretty much set your price and choose who and when you want to work for.  if you've developed a mega popular fa_rt app, making $12k+ a month, you're a code monkey but laughing all the way to the bank.


            i bring things like VxWorks, QNX, embedded applications in missiles, radar, nasa space qualitified stuff but still am terrible at marking my games :-/

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              Well, IOS is becoming increasingly popular.  Though right now, it is very close, it is anticipated that in the future, IOS development will get paid more due to a higher demand.