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        we've come a pretty far way with our file provider extension but there are a few things I just can not get to work.

        One of them is signalling the NSFileProviderManager when a directory has been reparented on the server.


        My current approach is to call

        NSFileProviderManager.default.signalEnumerator(for: )


        The enumerator's


        func enumerateChanges(for observer: NSFileProviderChangeObserver, from syncAnchor: NSFileProviderSyncAnchor)


        is being called, I call



        with the ID of the item in question: the reparented directory. However, the UI never reflects that change. Oh, and I do provide a new syncAnchor.


        I have tried all permutations of signalling one, some or all for the item itself, the former parent, the new parent... but no luck.


        Any hints?


        That would be awesome!