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        I'm currently working on ARkit, and I'm implementing AR multiplayer.

        The host recognizes the real space and creates the object using the recognized information.

        The client wants to show the information of the object created by the host when the AR camera is run.

        I'm wondering what library to use and whether I can get the coordinates of the library and host's camera that is tracking the actual space and fetching that information.

        • Re: I use ARkit to recognize the actual space, obtain the actual coordinates through the recognized data, and wonder which libraries can be used to implement multiplayer.
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          You could either build your own API and send JSON data over the Network




          Implement Gamekit and establish a MultiPlayer session to pass information between App instances.


          The upside of making your own API is you have full control and don't have to deal with Gamekit (which can get very hairy)


          but the downside is you have to maintain your own servers worldwide for the convenience.


          So learning Gamekit (or at least toughing through making it work) might be worth your while.


          The only other thing to keep in mind is that these coordinates can get skewed so you'll need a way to filter out ridiculous data.


          ARkit will give you the coordinates, and you can send them over your preferred method.




          I just read about ARKit 2 facilitating a multi-user experience.


          This might mean that Gamekit is too slow for AR even without network lag and wouldn't work, in which case my workaround won't work at all.


          Then again, things change when you're actually in the thick of development, perhaps theres a chance it will.


          (I'd love to give you an answer but this testing would require quite a bit of time)