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I need to get the zipCode and city from multiple locations in my app so I created the following class.   import Foundation… (Show more)
in Cocoa Touch
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I'd like to use a public key to encrypt data in my app, then use a private key to decrypt it on my private machine. RSA won't work as the data needs to be smaller than the key (more or less). I read I can use Ellyptical Encryption to do this, and it appears to to work. But it seems the key is limited to 384 bytes:   private let keyType =… (Show more)
in Security
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Released a new version of B2B App Store app. It was reviewed and approved over 24 hours ago, but still has not shown up as an update on devices with the earlier version of the app installed. In iTunesconnect, the app shows as Ready for Sale status. What could be blocking the update from getting to the device?
in Enterprise Distribution
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I'm implementing a DNS Proxy network extension on iOS 12 and I have a couple of simple questions, mostly due to the lack of documentation.   1) Implementing   func stopProxy(with reason: NEProviderStopReason, completionHandler: @escaping () -> Void)  I need to handle all the different cases of the `NEProviderStopReason` enum. Every case could… (Show more)
in Networking
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Hello,   My goal is that "hit" will be output, but without changing the positions of `card` and `anotherCard`. They should touch each other, but not move. However didBegin is not called.   Struct:   struct physicBodyCharacters {… (Show more)
in SpriteKit
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My company enrolled in Apple Developer Program and added me as an admin. I already created an appleid using my company email. Both using same email address.   1) Based on on how to upload it to TestFlight, I'm stuck as Application Loader won't sign me in. Not sure why. It says… (Show more)
in TestFlight
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Is there a guide as to how to notarize kexts?   I am able to notarize application level code successfully, but I can not find any guidelines as to how to do this for kernel extensions (despite receiving an email suggesting that it is time to do this!). The UI in Xcode is unable to notarize archived kexts, and the (minimal!) documentation for the… (Show more)
in Kernel
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Been using critical alerts and its been working fine since setup. Currently using a service that handles the alarm sound.   Noticed that the critical alert will blast full volume even if the user was in a call which can be pretty harmful for the ear(I feel like this should not be allowed to happen and needs a fix?). To counter this I used the… (Show more)
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i uploaded a app from xcode 10.1 , it was successful but the the build is not visible in ituynes connect.
in Xcode IDE and Editor
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