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        I believe that at one time, it was mentioned that when Swift would reach 2.0 (or later?), its standard library would no longer be included in the app bundle as the Swift language would have stabilized enough to have a system-wide version available. In Xcode 7 beta 1 though, the libSwiftCore etc are still built into the app bundle.


        Now I was wondering when we can expect the Swift standard library to not be included any longer in the app bundle. Is there any time table available?


        And concerning App Thinning, might this process be smart enough to strip the Swift libraries from the binary sent to the device at install time?

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          There were no public statements that Swift 2.0 would eliminate that requirement (just some rumor sites claiming that) and in fact Swift 2 will continue to require the standard library in your app.


          We are interested in making Swift ABI stable going forward, but will need more time to settle things out.  In particular, we want to make sure that we get to incorporate ideas and feedback from the open source community before locking things down.


          That said, App Thinning does significantly improve things here, because you're only delivering one slices of the standard library to your users instead of everything together.