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           tvOS depends (in its purest form) on fetching javascript and other web resources communicating

        with a server that is not only strongly encrypted, but also does not allow renegotiation to a lesser

        security level. the desired security standard for one of the components is TLS v1.2.  openssl has been

        updated to v 1.0.2_d, available through homebrew -- the version in current in El-Capitan is 0.9.8zg,

        it can be checked by typing 'openssl version' in a terminal that sees /usr/bin.  openssl work is in

        response to the Heartbleed issue, work done a year or two ago.

          El Capitan --  going the right direction on security, introduced 'restricted' file permission: the root account

        cannot change some files, it has to be an Apple signed app.  Again at a terminal: ls -leO /usr/bin/openssl

          So, I have openssl v1.0.2_d "in the cellar" (homebrew location), however, the older version is installed

        on the system, cannot be moved or replaced.

          I have depended on the Mac Apache server (now at https://dzeek.net), sorry to see it is not part of release

        testing.  Or is there some other stock server that I am just unaware of?

          TILL THEN, I will be setting the info.plist "accept anything" attribute, so I am getting by.  There is also

        a python server works well in that case, elegantly, at a terminal: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 9001.