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        In the past I've used QHTTPOperation with great success.


        If not a reimplementation, what I'm looking for is a Swift implementation of:

        - fully async

        - cancellable

        - NSOperation subclass

        - correctly handles the multitude of real wold networking hurdles


        I rolled my our own in Obj-C last year at a previous company based on NSURLSession but cancelation was a persistent issue. Maybe we did something wrong, the details of our implementation escape me at this point...


        It doesn't HAVE to be Swift, but it would be preferred. I say that because we also want something well tested.


        Thanks in advance for any recommendations.

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          I’m most of the way through converting the LinkedImageFetcher sample code to Swift.  Alas, that effort is stalled until I can get my DTS incident queue under control.

          You should definitely take a look at WWDC 2015 Session 226 Advanced NSOperations.  While I have some minor quibbles about Dave’s code—and those may be fixed by some of the third-party efforts to maintain and improve that code—the overall strategy is quite solid.

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