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        I just released an app update.  In iTunes Connect, I have the Multiplayer Compatibility section set correctly to make the current and previous versions compatible with each other.  However, I'm seeing an issue now where old turn-based matches created with an older app version are not being correctly associated with the current app version.


        If the user ISN'T running the app, he gets a push notification when his opponent moves, but it asks him to go to the App Store to download the app, even though he already has the current version of the app installed.  If he clicks on "App Store", it takes him to the app in the store, but the only option is to "Open" because he already has the app.


        If the user IS running the app, my app isn't notified at all when the opponent makes a move.  However, if the user manually reloads the match using the menu in my app, he can continue to play.  My app just never gets notified automatically.


        Note: If the user creates a new turn-based match with the latest version of the app, then everything works fine.  The problem only exists for turn-based matches created with older versions of the app.


        I think what's happening is that Game Center isn't correctly associating turn-based matches created with old versions of the app correctly with the new version of the app.


        I've filed a bug report (23247021) for this.


        amandavoss: If you see this, can you please take a look at my bug report?  I'm wondering if this is a general problem, or if something went wrong when my app in particular was updated, and you can push something through to fix it.  Thanks.