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        Hello everyone,


        I need your advice on an app being rejected.


        AppStore says: Your app contains content or features that may infringe on rights owned by various news and media outlets such as the BBC.

        Well obviously it is a news app, and I need to reference the source of my news, or I would violate copyright in first place.


        I double checked it and found this.




        We encourage the use of BBC News feeds as part of a website, however, we do require that the proper format and attribution is used when BBC News content appears. The attribution text should read "BBC News" or "bbc.co.uk/news" as appropriate. You may not use any BBC logo or other BBC trademark.


        Well, it seems app store is right about logos though. So I'm a bit confused.


        Do you know how news apps such as Flipboard handle this? Because they show the real logo of the news organizations.


        Many thanks for your advice,