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        I am at the point where I would like try getting my tvOS app into TestFlight for internal testing. The problem I am having is that I seem to be unable to upload a build into iTC without running into some sort of error. Has anyone been able to successfully upload a build to iTC for internal TestFlight testing yet?


        It is my understanding that "Upload to App Store..." from Organizer will not work until there is a final XCode release and we are able to submit tvOS apps to the app store for review.


        I am using XCode 7.1 beta 3 to create an archive and creating a build through the Export option to then be uploaded using Application Loader.


        In Organizer:


        Save for Apple TV App Store Deployment

        Select my Apple Id

        The next screen verifies entitilements and that the correct provisioning profile is being used (to the best of my knowledge they are).

        This results in an ipa file that I am using to upload via Application Loader. During the upload I get this error:


        ERROR ITMS-90545: "Invalid Provisioning Profile. This provisioning profile is not complatible with iOS apps."


        Which makes me feel like I created the provisioning profile incorrectly but I'm not really sure what else to try. I would imagine that the PP can use my current iOS Distribution Certificate? (There doesnt seem to be an option hinting there are separate certificates for tvOS).


        Any one have any ideas or suggestions to try?

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          I've been able to upload a build for internal Test Flight testing, so it's possible.


          Are you uploading just the tvOS app or do you have an iOS app with the same bundle ID? It sounds like you might be trying to use a tvOS App Store provisioning profile for an iOS app, or more likely, you used a iOS App Store provisioning profile for the tvOS app and the error is wrong. Either way make sure that in your provisioning profiles list its type is 'tvOS Distribution'.

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              That helps to know that it's at least possible. Now I just need to figure out what part it is that I am doing incorrectly.


              The app I am trying to upload is a standalone tvOS app and new dev and distribution profiles were generated specifically for this app.


              I created the distribution profile through the Member Center


              Provisioning Profiles

              Clicked the +

              Chose "tvOS App Store" under "Distribution"

              Selected my specific app id associated with the tvOS app

              Selected my iOS Distribution Certificate

              Named the Provisioning Profile and saved


              When exporting the app it will find the provisioning profile that was created above. When downloading and inspecting the provisioning profile I can see that the `Platform` key is `tvOS`.


              Can you see any differences in the steps above to what you did?

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              My problem was that I was using an old version of Application Loader (3.0).


              While in XCode 7 Beta 3, going to XCode > Open Developer Tool > Application Loader


              launched the correct (3.3) version of Application Loader and I was able to successfully upload the app to iTunes Connect.

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                I have the same isuue.

                With the previous XCode version (Beta 1) everything works fine and I'm was able to upload my App to my dev kit using TestFlight.

                But now, with XCode Beta 3 I can't.

                Note that,, in order to send an update to another App with XCOde 7.0 GM, I had to folow tthe workaround descripted in Beta 3 release notes (delete my account e restore it in XCode..).

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                  Same thing for me : ERROR ITMS-90545.

                  I solved it by using the lastest version of Application Loader (here 3.4) which you get directly from XCode in the "Xcode / Open Developer Tool" menu.

                  I then got a more accurate error message, in my case it was a top shelf image alpha channel problem.