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        Q: I’ve received my Apple TV Dev Kit. How can I get started?

        Visit https://developer.apple.com/tvos/download to download the tvOS beta and read the tvOS installation guide and release notes. Use iTunes to install the tvOS beta software image and follow the on-screen steps to set up your Apple TV. Then register your Apple TV in the Apple Developer Portal.


        Q: During activation, I’m getting the error message “Date and Time can not be set”.  What can I do?

        This may occur if your Apple TV is unable to reach Apple’s NTP servers from your network. Refer to these articles for additional support:


        Q: How can I report a bug?

        Please file a detailed bug report at bugreporter.apple.com including device logs and a sample project demonstrating the issue wherever possible.


        Q: How can I request a new feature?

        Please file a feature request at bugreporter.apple.com, providing as much detail as possible about your use case.


        Q: How do I get started in bringing my iOS app over to tvOS?

        Review the App Programming Guide for tvOS and the Apple TV Human Interface Guidelines, as well as the UIKit Catalog, TVML Catalog, and DemoBots sample projects.


        Q: Should my app be based on TVML or UIKit?

        TVMLKit is a framework that provides a template-based approach to developing apps. It is primarily tuned for apps offering content libraries and media playback. It is a great way to quickly bring up apps using JavaScript, and when combined with UIKit, the look and feel of your app can be extensively customized to your specific needs. For more information see the App Programming Guide for tvOS.


        Q: Do tvOS apps have a size limit of 200 MB?

        Only your base app bundle is limited to 200 MB.  Your app store submission can include up to 20 GB of On-Demand Resources, and the initial download of your app may include up to 2 GB of ODR content.  See the On-Demand Resources Guide for more information.


        Q: What are the data storage options for tvOS apps?

        Most apps should utilize iCloud, CloudKit, or developer-hosted services for storing persistent data, and should use On-Demand Resources to download content and other resources. Apps may also access up to 500 KB of local persistent storage using NSUserDefaults for settings and other small pieces of data, and may utilize the Keychain for sensitive data such as passwords or access tokens.

        For temporary local storage, apps may access the NSTemporaryDirectory and NSCachesDirectory in their own container, or NSCachesDirectory in a shared container. Please note that temporary storage may be erased when the app is not running. See the On-Demand Resources Guide for more information.


        Q: Can I link my tvOS app with an iOS framework? What does this Xcode warning mean: "ld: warning: URGENT: building for tvOS, but linking in object file (/path/to/file) built for iOS. Note: This will be an error in the future.”?

        All libraries and frameworks that you use in your tvOS apps must be built for tvOS, including any 3rd-party libraries. Make sure your tvOS app doesn’t link against frameworks or libraries built for iOS.


        Q: Is bitcode required for tvOS apps?

        Yes, bitcode must be enabled when compiling your app and any 3rd-party libraries.


        Q: Can my game require an MFI Game Controller instead of supporting the Apple TV remote?

        Games can not require an MFi game controller, but may provide the player with expanded gameplay or controls when an MFi game controller is in use.


        Q: My app requires iCloud, CloudKit, or Game Center. What should I do if the user is not signed in?

        If your app requires iCloud, CloudKit, or Game Center in order to function and the user is not signed in, you should present UI instructing them to sign in from the Settings app.  If this functionality is optional you should allow the user to continue using your app.


        Q: What is the difference between the Siri Remote and the new Apple TV Remote?

        Both are referring to the same hardware. Pressing the Siri button in regions where Siri is not available will result in an on-screen search UI being presented.


        Q: Can I use Siri for text input in my app? Is dictation available? Is microphone input available?

        The tvOS SDK does not provide access to Siri, Dictation, or microphone input.


        Q: Can I use Universal Search with my app?  How can I provide search results?

        Apps can not access Universal Search at this time.


        Q: How can I create layered images and icons? Can my app create layered images at runtime?

        Layered assets can be created from an Xcode asset catalog, the Parallax Exporter beta plugin for Photoshop, the Parallax Previewer beta, or the layerutil command line utility. Layered assets can not be generated at runtime. For more information see Apple TV Human Interface Guidelines: Icons and Images.


        Q: How do I use the layerutil command line utility?

        layerutil is part of your Xcode installation. Please ensure you have selected the correct version of Xcode command line tools using xcode-select:

        xcode-select -s /Applications/Xcode-beta.app/Contents/Developer

        Then, invoke the layerutil command line utility with xcrun:

        xcrun --sdk appletvos layerutil /path/to/source.psd


        Q: How can my app request permission to use the user’s location?

        Make sure you have set a value for both CFBundleDisplayName and NSLocationWhenInUseUsageDescription in your Info.plist.


        Q: Can I use the Remote app on my iPhone to control my new Apple TV?

        The iOS Remote app is not currently supported.


        Q: Do tvOS apps support enterprise distribution?

        Enterprise distribution is not currently supported.


        Q: How can I share user data between my iOS app and my tvOS app?

        iCloud and CloudKit offer a great way to share data between your apps running on iOS and tvOS. You could also host your own services.


        Q: How many remotes can I pair with my Apple TV?

        You can pair one Apple TV Remote, plus up to two MFi Game Controllers.