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        I'm working on a project for iOS 9 and WatchOS 2, so I installed iOS 9 Public Beta 2 on my iPhone 5S and Xcode 7 beta on my mac last week and was testing my app on it. However I updated my phone to public beta 3 today and I can't run/debug my app on the phone now. I'm not enrolled in the Apple Developer Program so I can't get the developer beta for iOS.


        I get "process launch failed: Security" error when I try to run my app from Xcode. And if I try to launch it directly from the phone an alert pops up saying "Untrusted Developer. Your device management settings do not allow using apps from developer "iPhone Developer:myemailhere (some code here)" on this iPhone. You can allow using these apps in Settings.". And there is no trust option. I couldn't find anything in settings either.


        What do I do?