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        was a gutsy move by Apple. I think it was the right move.


        Some of the issues I hope are being addressed that I saw in the GM:

        • The battery drain - Mine miraculously started working fine after 24 hours. I have no idea why. As a developer, those are the worst kind of bugs to track down because you don't know if you've fixed it.
        • The WCSession sendMessage bugs - about half the time sendMessage works for us on the actual devices. It works 100% of the time on the simulator.
        • Installation bugs - we saw some really weird things with apps thinking they're installed when they're not. Installation of apps seem to get stuck sometimes.


        One issue that I'd love to see fixed, but wouldn't necessarily need to hold a release:

        • Debugging on a physical Apple Watch - when trying to debug, you have to manually start the watch app once it's been installed by xcode. If you manually start it, the debugger attaches. Otherwise, it just waits for a really long time and then says that it finished running.


        Any other issues that you are hoping are the ones that will be fixed during the delay?