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        Just opened the box and have been navigating with the remote when all the sudden it stopped responding.  I've had it plugged in for about 10 minutes, and it won't acknowledge it at all.  The Menu and TV Button pressed for 6 seconds together still resets the device.


        Wouldn't mind opening a bug report if I could deliver more data that would be helpful.  A regular Apple TV remote works.

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          TidBits Apple Staff Apple Staff (1,645 points)

          Hi bainfu,


          Please do file a bug report, and include the system log from the device, as well as any crash logs from the device that you can. You can get to these via the devices panel in Xcode.


          Try pressing and holding the menu button and volume up button to re-pair the remote with the Apple TV, and note whether or not doing so resolves the issue in the bug report.