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        Hi all,

        Developing with SpriteKit,

        Had a working game on iOS 8.4 but after upgrading to the beta the SKView method textureFromNode:crop: no longer works, it always returns nil.

        textureFromNode: does still work, but isn't a practical solution to the problem.

        The pre-release docs - textureFromNode:crop: still say it is supposed to work,

        its kind of a vital component of the game I am working on, as sprites are to be "painted" with other sprites,
        amassing 100s of painted sprites in seconds it slows the game down unless they are all rasterized using this method.


        This is my first major project on iOS and first time using the pre-release beta program, how do these things usually work out?


        I'm gonna file a bug report in the morning, just wondering if people have:

        a) run into this problem
        b) can give me some friendly advice my plan is example project plus device log... how patient might I have to be?


        Thanks for reading,