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        Hi everyone. Today I just downloaded and installed iOS 9.1 public beta 1. I am thoroughly enjoying it so far! However, when iOS 9 is released on the 16th, will I be able to upgrade when a message comes up on my screen or will I have to downgrade to my backup I made before I installed the beta? It would be greatly appreciated to know I wouldn't have to go through the process of downgrading to 8.4.1, as I've never had to do that. Thanks in advance for any help.

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          No message will come up on your screen when iOS 9.0 is released because you are already on a later version and you are not offered downgrades. If you want to go onto iOS 9.0 you will have to restore the iDevice with iTunes. This will wipe it of your user data and it will be like a new device.


          The backup that you made yesterday before updating to 9.1 will then work as a restore point - but - only if it doesn't get overwritten and become a 9.1 backup. If it does that then you won't be able to use it as a restore point while on iOS 9.0.


          So either be very careful not to backup over the one you made yesterday, or backup that backup by archiving it as follows:

          • While in iTunes preferences, and in the Devices tab, simply right-click on the iOS device backup that you’d like to archive, and choose Archive from the resulting contextual pop up menu. Your backup will get the current date and time appended to its name, and then the next time you backup your iOS device on that Mac, iTunes will start anew, creating a second backup file.



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            You will have to option-Restore through iTunes. I hope you made a backup using the GM seed or have another recent backup.

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              I have also upgraded to 9.1 Public beta 1. Though I wanted to have final release of iOS 9 when that is released on 16th, I understand I cann't get that until I reset my phone.

              But what should I do so that I get iOS 9.1 final release, and not any betas after that (for example for 9.2 etc... )

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                  To stop beta updates, go to settings, general, scroll down to profiles, click it, then click apple beta tester profile,  scroll down and hit delete, then yes on the confirmation, and restart your phone, now your of the beta channel, and will get 9.1 final, and 9.2 etc. like everyone else.  9.1 beta works fine for me, and it's nice because npow I dont have to sit through updating to 9.0 with apples's boged down servers on the 16th-17th! .

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                  I am getting "Device is not eligible for the requested...."


                  I tried to Option+click Restore, and chose the "iOS 9 beta 4 - iPhone 5 (Model A1428) - 13A4305g".


                  I don't have any other ipsw files other than the 9.1 I am trying to downgrade to iOS 9 public Release...


                  Is this device stuck in 9.1 Beta till the 9.1 public comes out?

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                    Hi Guys, got off the phone with Applecare today. The lady was quite helpful.


                    She advised me to put my device into recovery mode and connect to itunes.

                    Select update instead of restore.

                    iTunes will download ios 9.0 (not beta).

                    Once download completed, I updated and VOILA - iphone is off beta the version and now on current ios 9.0 (13a344)


                    MOST IMPORTANTLY - content and settings were not touched. Good Luck!


                    ps - i also opted out of the beta program online, though unfortunately the alert to download 9.1 beta still comes up. I will update once I speak to apple again.