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        I'm currently working on a 2 players online board game that uses Game Center capabilities for match making and message exchanges.


        I've found that Game Center automatically disconnects players after it notices that one of device was not active for exactly 2 minutes.


        My game needs to give more time to players in order for them to be able to build strategies. So, I've tried to send pong/keep-alive kind of messages with no success. I also tried to touch the screen and to move a few sprites that were not directly related to the game, with pong messages and background calculation during these 2 minutes, with no success. The disconnexion does not occur only if I play normally within 2 minutes for a full round.


        Have you guys find a way to deal with this constraint ?


        Thansk in advance for your help,

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          I used the custom matchmaker class to make a custom UI for my multiplayer "room". I actually found that when a player is idle for about 20 seconds they get dropped from my room. I haven't even begun testing my in-game multiplayer function as I am not quite there yet, but hopefully it doesn't keep dropping so soon. If anyone has an answer for this please let us know!