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        I recently installed the beta for IOS 9 on my iPhone 6 and archived a backup as suggsted.


        I have been continually getting messages that I need to update to the latest beta version?


        I backed up, checked on my phone and said that I had the latest version (which confused me for a start) and went through the process on the beta site again, installing the profile, etc.


        My phone went to the white screen with "Hello.... Hola" etc and then got to the iCloud activation screen and just wouldn't accept my password and login.


        "Your iPhone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable. Try connecting your iPhone to iTunes to activate it, or try again in a couple of minutes"


        After finally activating sometime later it tells me my Beta version has expired and perform a device restore.


        The phone won't update or restore and is just stuck on the white welcome screen.


        I was initially getting message saying it couldn't restore because I had to turn off "find my iphone".... which I obviously can't do as I can't access my phone.


        So I went to recovery mode.... same deal.... downloads software, put in my iCloud password via Itunes and it tells me it can't activate.


        To add to my woes I believe 8.4 is no longer available?


        What is the best way forward from here... hopefully that is a clear enough explanation... apologies for not being the most tech-savvy of posters


        Any help greatly appreciated

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          Hi Trhuringa,


          That is indeed a good, clear explaination


          You still have choices. If you'd like to revert back to iOS 8.4.1 that is possible.


          If you'd like to update to the latest beta of iOS 9 then that's also quite straightfoward if you are a developer.  If you are a Public Beta tester then you'll have to go back to 8.4.1 anyway before being able to get back to the latest 9.0 beta (unless you have a .ipsw downloaded for it already).


          What's your preference?



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              Hi Max,


              As a public beta tester, 8.4.1 would be the best (or only) option yes?





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                  Yes, as a Public Beta tester, that's going to be necessary whether you want to simply restore from your 8.4 backup and stay on 8.4.1 or, from there, update back to the latest iOS 9 beta. So:


                  1. Go to iCloud.com and disable "Find my iPhone" for your device - this will wipe it.
                  2. Make sure that you're using the latest version of iTunes.
                  3. Turn off your iPhone and leave it off.
                  4. Plug in your device's USB cable to a computer with iTunes.
                  5. Hold down the Home button on your device as you connect the USB cable. Keep holding down the Home button until you see the Connect to iTunes screen.
                  6. When you see this screen, release the Home button. If you don't try steps 3 through 5 again.
                  7. When your device is connected, iTunes will open. You'll see a message saying that iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode.
                  8. Accept iTunes prompt to restore it back on iOS 8.4.1


                  If you then want to go back to iOS 9, don't restore yet from a backup. Just reinstall the profile from https://beta.apple.com/ using Safari on your phone and update. You'll then be able to restore from your iOS 9 backup (Post a new question if you have any trouble with this).


                  If you want to stay on 8.4.1 then you'll need to copy your backed up backup into the appropriate folder first...

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                        Thanks Max,


                        Managed to restore back to 8.4.1 but had trouble with backups (corrupted files) and the only backup it would let me access was from April... lost a bit of "stuff" but at least contacts, music and other ephemera are intact.


                        Thanks for your help

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                          Hi Max


                          i've had Beta 9.0 working on my IPad Air for around two weeks without a problem until yesterday. Now all it say is activate IPad and asking for my sign in details but , once i've entered them it states the activation server is temporarily unavailable then after retrying code HT18018. After that it states IOS Beta expired


                          i've tried restoring using my laptop and ITunes by holding the home button down when first switching the IPad on but have had not joy, it starts and then gives me a code of 9006. i've tried apple support who will not help me because it's to do with Beta 9.0


                          If you have any ideas pleas e-mail me i'm pulling my hair out!!!!!!!!!!!!

                          Thank you


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                              Hi Mark,


                              I'm happy to try help, but there are already 6 people on this thread, most with different objectives than the OP's, and that quickly gets complicated. If you post your own question, I'll try to get your iPad air going again



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                          I had iOS 9 Beta 1 installed on my iPhone 6, and started experiencing the exact same problems as tehuringa yesterday when I did a soft reset on my iPhone.  The soft reset basically forced me to set up my iPhone as a new phone in order to bypass the locked screen, and I went through the exact same process as tehuringa, as well as received the exact same error messages.


                          My latest backup, however, was performed with iOS 9 Beta 1 installed, and it's crucial for me to be able to restore this version of my backup and retrieve my data.  I can't afford to lose any of my data.  I have tried to restore this version of my backup with iOS 9 Beta 3 installed as well, but it gave me the error message about corruption.  I tried to restore my backup with iOS 8.4.1 installed, but it said iOS needed to be updated to a newer version.  I believe it may be possible to retrieve this version of my backup if I could reinstall iOS 9 Beta 1 on my iPhone 6.  Is there a possibility for me to download & install that version of iOS?  And then after I retrieve my backup, I'll be happy to update my iOS to the latest beta version.  Thoughts?

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                            Same problem but i'm stuck because itunes times out every time it tries to download iOS8. I have Internet and i can browse/downlaod files otherwise. My iPad is briked at this point.


                            1. Turn on ipad, it says that it can activate because iOS9 is expired.

                            2. I turn off ipad, then press home button until recovery mode happens.

                            3. Itunes offers to restore, i choose that.

                            4. Itunes says it's download software...

                            5. Itunes times out.


                            What now?


                            Have gon trough this loop over 5 times and it's getting frustrating.


                            I already tried going to iCloud to delete the iPad. It says that it will be deleted next time it comes online, but this never happens (see step 1).

                            I already tried restoring and old backup but it wont do it becuase i have turn off Find my ipad. I thought i had done that by erasing my ipad but appparently that won't kick in until my ipad can be activated, which never happens.

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                            simply remove sim card and go on wifi......

                            i had beta 9 on my ipad 4. when trying to upgrade to 9.5 suddenly the ipad gave a message that the beta is expired. tried with DFU and itune update/recovery. no use.

                            tried for two days and no result.

                            got the best solution which worked instantlly.

                            if stuck at failed to activate and beta issue, simly remove the sim card. the ipad starts where it errored. no loss of data.

                            sometimes solutions are simple.