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        I am having consistent problem with IOS Settings not showing up after the first launch of a new app. Existing apps appear to be OK.

        Simplest case: New app created in Xcode 7. Added Settings.plist from Resource menu of 'new file' in Xcode. That's all I did.


        This new Settings bundle comes with three example settings in the root.plist.


        I compile/build/run in Xcode to Simulator or to iPhone 4s with latest IOS 9 beta. (9.0 13A4293g - iPhone model MD244NZ/A)


        The first time I run it the settings appear as expected. Run the app again the same way and I get blank sheet where Settings for this app used to be. I get a glimpse of the Settings page before the screen goes blank (in case that helps). Deleting the app from the iPhone doesn't help. Turning iPhone right off and on again does. I see the Settings for this app just the one time. I can switch back and forth and the Settings remain visible, the blank sheet only appears on 2nd and subsequent launches of the app.


        The Navigation bar is visible throughout but in the blank case there is absolutely nothing below it.


        I have not regressed my iPhone to 8.4 to see if the problem exists there for me. The code I'm writing is Swift 2.0 so not an option for the app.