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        Hi all,


        Been tearing my hair out over this, but has anyone had luck pairing a bluetooth Microsoft Arc Mouse to the iPad in iOS 13 / 13.1? I can get other mice to connect to my ipad with no problem, and I can pair my Arc Mouse to other devices (macbook / surface / pc) with no issues, but I cannot get it to pair to the iPad.


        When I pair the mouse, the ipad recognizes it, gives me the "Pair" request, and says "Connected". The mouse itself continues to flash showing it's still in pairing mode. When I turn off the mouse, and turn it back on, the iPad is not able to connect to it through the bluetooth settings (does not show up, etc.). I need to forget the device for it to see it in pairing mode again. I've attempted it multiple ways too, including going through Switch Control, etc. that worked for the Magic Mouse 2.


        I would normally say f-it, but I love how slim the arc mouse can get when travelling. I don't see any firmware updates for the Arc Mouse or anything either.