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        We've been attempting to upload, to TestFlight, an application which makes use of on demand resources / ODR. 


        The app appears to upload correctly and be processed, and be made available for testing in TestFlight BUT our various ODR bundles appear to not be available to the app to "pull".  We get an error whenever the app attempts to fetch an ODR down.


        This is an all-new thing for us - we've been uploading versions of this app for quite some time but now, suddenly, this is happening.  No change to the content of the ODR bundles, no change to the App.  We've even uploaded a previous app version to rule out it being a change "our side" - it still fails to be able to pull down any of the ODR bundles.


        Is anyone else seeing this or does anyone know of any potential work arounds (obviously there's the option not to use ODR but that's rather extreme and would mean a HUGE download for our customers).