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        I am having inconsistent results when it comes to supporting Universal Links in my app. I had things working with the following format (I changed my Team ID here even though it's publicly available at the domain):



            "webcredentials": {

                "apps": ["TEAMID.com.kasey.TipMe"]


            "applinks": {

                "apps": [],

                "details": [{

                    "appID": "TEAMID.com.kasey.TipMe",

                    "paths": [






        The paths node contains a path meaning any url in the format of https://www.tppy.app/pay?queryItems should open my application so I can process the query items. I have the associated domain in my entitlements file properly with the fully qualified domain: applinks:www.tppy.app

        Then I stumbled upon this link that seems to have changed the format and location of the apple-app-site-association file. I moved the file to /.well-known/apple-app-site-association and am serving the JSON. Does anyone know if the new format is required for iOS 13+ applications? Or why am I seeing inconsistent results? The universal links seem to work for a period of time then stop working -- both when I distribute the application via TestFlight as well connect it directly to my device.