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        So, I'm playing around a little bit with CreateML and MLRecommender and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to create and train my model. I've got a very simple data set for experimenation but the tools keep kicking things back. Clearly I'm missing something.


        Here's my data set, movie reviews in CSV format:




        With CreateML, I've got a recommender for that file with 'Users' mapped to 'user_id', 'Items' mapped to 'movie_id', 'Ratings' mapped to 'rating_id'.


        When I ask it to train, I get a training error:


        "Number of string item ids specified (3) does not equal the number of items given (2)"


        Hmmmm, not sure what that means. Can anyone help? I feel like it must be something really obvious tht I'm missing but I've tried a bunch of variations without any luck.


        Any help appreciated.