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        Starting in May 2019, the notary service requires that you agree to the latest Apple Developer Program License Agreement.  If not, your notarisation request will fail with the error:

        To use this application, you must first sign in to iTunes Connect and sign the relevant contracts. (1048)

        This post explains what to do if you see this error.

        Retest With a Small Test App

        Create a new test app from one of Xcode’s built-in templates and try notarising that.  This is unlikely to fix the problem, but it confirms that there’s an issue with your account, not your product.

        Double Check Your Agreements

        I’ve worked with a number of developers who thought that this error was being returned incorrectly, but on closer inspection it turned out that the error was correct: They really did need to accept the latest agreements.  So, before going further, you should double check your agreements.

        To do this:

        1. Go to Developer > Account and look for pending agreements.

        2. Likewise for App Store Connect > Agreements, Tax, and Banking.

        IMPORTANT In both cases:

        • Make sure to log in as the account holder, because only they can accept agreements.

        • If you’re a member of multiple teams, make sure to select the correct team.

        Note You do not need to agree to the Paid Apps agreement to use the notary service.

        Notarise Outside of Xcode

        If you’re absolutely sure that your agreements are in order, the next step is to try notarising from the command line using altool.  This is important because altool lets you specify the team you’re trying to notarise as, and there have been problems in the past where Xcode has chosen the wrong team (r. 52206810).

        For information on how to notarise using altool, see Customizing the Notarization Workflow.  That document describes how to use the --list-providers command to get a list of the teams associated with your account, and how to use the --asc-provider option to notarise as a specific team.

        Note You don’t need to notarise your main app to run this test.  Rather, use altool to notarise the test app you created above.

        If altool works and Xcode fails with a 1048 error, please file a bug against Xcode and continue submitting your product with altool until the bug is resolved.

        Seek Help

        If you’ve followed the procedure above and are still experiencing the 1048 error, contact Apple Developer Program Support for assistance.  Go to the main Contact Us page and choose Membership and Account > Other Membership or Account Questions.

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