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        Hi there!


        My macOS app is continuously rejected due to the auto-renewing subscription.


        This is what Apple reviewer said to me:


        "Guideline 3.1.2 - Business - Payments - Subscriptions


        Your app uses auto-renewing subscriptions, but it is not an appropriate use of the service.


        Next Steps


        To resolve this issue, please change your in-app purchase product to a non-renewing subscription."


        This makes no sense for me because the iOS version of the same app is approved and it has exactly the same data for the auto-renewing subscription.

        I have asked for more information but they don't answer me.


        Can anybody help me or give me some clue to understand what may be happening?


        Thanks for your time.


        PS: Both versions of the app (iOS and macOS) were reviewed at the same time iOS approved, macOS rejected. It is a productivity app with a seven days free trial.