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        What I did before termination


        • I created ~20+ apps in itunes apps dashboard. But sure, I was working in 20+ apps.  [If it's wrong why that + button legally allowed me to create app? Also there is no delete button to delete created apps...]
        • I am working for freelance clients. So, I deployed their app that was developed by me in my developer account and transferred to their account after successful approval. Totally 2 apps I have been transferred to others account. [If it's wrong, why apple teams approved my app that has full details of other developer (or) other parties]
        • I am working for others, so the app design and functionality is based on others requirement. It's mostly like, Cinema Bookmark, Notes, Camera, dating apps, Cordova apps for small scale physical goods business... this kinda apps. They were approved this kinda apps. I also don't have other choice once I committed project in freelance. If I leave they will left bad review for me. So, I was in situation that I have to do what they need. [There was an app permanently rejection instead of termination]


        What I did not:


        • I did not used 3rd party images & API's without copy-write information of them.
        • I didn't implemented any private API or frameworks to grab user details.
        • I didn't implemented complex functionalities like Payment, Image sharing, Torrent protocol, Download manager.


        In termination


        • I was submitted 2 apps for review. Apple took 14 days to review my apps. In fact, No human reviewed my last 2 apps. My account gone in hold and my 2 apps suddenly gone in to In Review and with in a seconds I got rejected with termination notice. Their bot flagged my account for termination. [Exactly the same flagging message that all people got - bot message]
        • After getting flagged message in apple resolution centre, I applied for appeal to review team with all cases of possibilities from my side for re investigation. But they sent reply what everyone got from app. [No human at all]


        After termination


        • After 14 days from their bot's last reply. The exactly same time my account got terminated and I got termination notice from apple.
        • I applied to re-investigate. But, They didn't replied with proper message. After 9 days I got reply from apple that told "Per the Notice of Termination you were sent on August 16, 2019 your access to the Apple Developer Program, including the Developer Forums, has been disabled. Also, please note that we will deny your reapplication to the Apple Developer Program for at least one year from the date of the Notice of Termination considering the nature of your acts."


        Why I told the replies sent by Bot:


        • The exact Time, Whenever I get Apple's constant email template from apple, the time is around 03-3.30 AM. I got Human made replies at random Time.
        • No change in their replies. I got exactly same email what other terminated developers got.
        • Not a proper answer for my absolute question & clarification with my developer account termination.


        What I felt:


           I am iOS developer from last 4 years.  I spent lot of time in apple application development & the same time I helped to lot of people in internet to develop iOS app for nothing. I felt got slapped by Apple in the name of Fraudulent, dis-honest Nature of my Act for my 99 USD. No doubt absolutely that I am still beggar, 99 USD is very big amount me. I need at least reason or At least reply from Human being. I didn't denied mistake from my side if any. I am ready to accept it. But I need to know what it is.


        I am single youth and I have excellent skills that told by 70+ peoples[All my clients] around this Earth. Now, I don't have apple support for my Skills. I invested Time & money for future earning but without developer account I can't earn nothing. I can't get client. I can't show demo of my apps. I can't sell my binaries to peoples without apple account. Yes, of curse my existing clients thought bad of me because of apple account termination and loss jobs from them. I've explained reasons  that I've suspected my self to everyone.


        Yes, No doubt, without apple developer account I am not professional software developer. 2 years ago, as a corporate employee I left and I took risk to start my own business. So, I can't step back into corporate employee again. Also, Mentally I am not well for learning new technologies.


        Absolutely I still love macOS, iPhones products. I am not in revenge at all.


        What I need now:


            I understand my developer account datas are deleted in apple. I forgot all & I don't need any of my old account. I need to enrol new developer account. Does this possible in any case?


        Thank you for your time dear brothers & sisters!