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        Hi all,


        Im curious if it's possible to create a own voice skill for SIRI, like it's possible for dialogflow to create a skill for the google voice asisstant for customers. And i cant find any info about the free plan vs  the paid plan, chatlog, SDK's and intergration modules. If someone can proivde me those info I'd be very happy.

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          As I understand it, in the context of alexa, a 'skill' is an app.


          SiriKit is used differently - from the docs:


          SiriKit encompasses the Intents and Intents UI frameworks, which you use to implement app extensions that integrate your services with Siri and Maps. SiriKit supports two types of app extensions:



               >info about the free plan vs  the paid plan


          If you mean a paid Developer Program account vs. Xcode's free provisioning, see this thread [how i can have free Developer Program ] with an already moderated link that explains Xcode's free provisioning process (with screenshots) - be sure to read all the way thru it and any updates at the bottom.


          Good luck.