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        So we are about to release our first Independent Watch app and we were hoping to send out Promo codes to people to get it for free to trail it and review. However, it seems that this functionality is not yet supported.


        We can generate Promo codes in Apple Connect no problem, and the users we send them to can successfully redeem them in the App Store on their iPhone. It even says "You've successfully redeemed your code. Your Apple ID has been credited with [Product Name]."



        • no app gets installed to your Apple Watch
        • no trace of the app is in the Watch app on the iPhone device
        • the app is not listed under "Purchased" in the App Store app on the Watch
        • there are no other obvious clues that the app is available or on the device


        Apple Staff, please advise us on what I'm missing here, how we can get Promo codes out, or what kind of timeline you have for supporting this functionality.