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        (macOS and Swift)


        I try to make a window with rounded corners but every solution I could find does not work when I remove the title bar (Attributes >  Title Bar)


        Also, the window is semi-transparent:


                view.window?.isOpaque = false
                view.window?.backgroundColor = NSColor.clear 
                view.window?.backgroundColor = NSColor(white: 1, alpha: 0.8)

        (It would be ok if it has the regular corners of any window. I do not need a lot of control over the corner radius if that makes things more complicated)

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          Since your app most likely won't be approved in the app store if it doesn't have a title bar, you might want to go all out custom on your window creation.  Check out this example:


          www [dot] cocoawithlove [dot] com/2008/12/drawing-custom-window-on-mac-os-x.html


          It is in Obj C but you should be able to translate it to Swift.

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            Thanks to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/42762856/nswindow-with-round-corners-in-swift/42763305


            I have come to something pretty close to what you want.


            I created a project withn Storyboard.

            The window I want rounded is the initial controller.


            There are a few points to take care:

            - even though it seems possible in IB to declare Appearance without titleBar, that creates side effect (like windowDidBecomeMain no more called). That may be the problem mentionned by janabana

            - with the settings I propose, there is still a small line at the top, quasi invidible, but I could not get rid of it.


            So, the solution:

            In IB, set the windows as:

            Title : whatever or empty

            Hide title unchecked (will be done in code)

            Appearance: TitleBar ON (see warning above)

            Transparent Title Bar : OFF (will be done in code)

            Full Size Content View: ON

            Shadow: ON

            Visible at Launch: ON

            All other OFF except Restorable


            Marke the WindowController as a subclass (see other thread https://forums.developer.apple.com/thread/125315)


            class FirstWindowController: NSWindowController, NSWindowDelegate {
                var firstAppearance = true
                override func windowDidLoad() {
                    // Implement this method to handle any initialization after your window controller's window has been loaded from its nib file.
                func windowDidBecomeMain(_ notification: Notification) {
                    if firstAppearance {
                        let newFrame = NSRect(x: 120, y: 100, width: 300, height: 200)
                        self.window?.setFrame(newFrame, display: true)
                        let effect = NSVisualEffectView(frame: newFrame) // NSRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: 0, height: 0))
                        effect.blendingMode = .behindWindow
                        effect.state = .active
                        if #available(OSX 10.14, *) {
                            effect.material = .contentBackground
                        } else {
                            // Fallback on earlier versions
                            effect.material = .dark
                        effect.wantsLayer = true
                        effect.layer?.cornerRadius = 30.0
                        effect.layer?.borderColor = .clear
                        self.window?.contentView = effect
                        self.window?.titlebarAppearsTransparent = true
                        self.window?.titleVisibility = .hidden
                        self.window?.isOpaque = false
                        self.window?.backgroundColor = .clear
                    firstAppearance = false