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        We have USB-Devices (only one Interface, no Composite Device) and a codeless Kext that prevents the loading of the AppleMassStorageDriver. Works fine so far. As we expect a lot of support from the fact that Kernel Extensions have to be confirmed by the user in macOS 10.13 we are looking for alternatives without Kexts. If the Kext is not loaded USBInterfaceOpenSeize will always fail with error kIOReturnExclusiveAccess as the AppleMassstorageDriver already claimed the Device.


        Is there a kextless possibility to create IOKitPersonalities?

        Is there another way to hinder a Driver to claim a Device?

        Apple said there would be more possibilities in APIs, so we won't need any more Kexts. Is there anything concerning IOKit that might help me?


        Any Ideas welcome