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        Hi all,

        our app uses an iOS 11.0 target.


        We have also enabled the following capabilities:

        - Access WiFi Information

        - Hotspot Configuration

        - Network Extension


        In our code, we use the "NetworkExtension" framework to connect to a particular Wifi network, but when we run the app in both simulators (any iOS < 13 and) and devices the app crash with the following log:


        dyld: Symbol not found: _NEHotspotConfigurationErrorDomain
          Referenced from: /var/containers/Bundle/Application/9708E713-8FB7-4385-B3BD-90EF46453ECD/TheApp.app/TheApp
          Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/NetworkExtension.framework/NetworkExtension
         in /var/containers/Bundle/Application/9708E713-8FB7-4385-B3BD-90EF46453ECD/TheApp.app/TheApp


        The assembly part (if useful):


            0x1027be410 <+0>:  mov    x16, #0x209
            0x1027be414 <+4>:  svc    #0x80
        ->  0x1027be418 <+8>:  b.lo   0x1027be430               ; <+32>
            0x1027be41c <+12>: stp    x29, x30, [sp, #-0x10]!
            0x1027be420 <+16>: mov    x29, sp
            0x1027be424 <+20>: bl     0x1027bd850               ; cerror_nocancel
            0x1027be428 <+24>: mov    sp, x29
            0x1027be42c <+28>: ldp    x29, x30, [sp], #0x10
            0x1027be430 <+32>: ret    


        No idea why this happens.

        The use of NEHotspotConfiguration should be available starting from iOS 11 as written in the doc:




        These are my 3 lines of code:


        import NetworkExtension
        func connect()
                let hotspotConfig = NEHotspotConfiguration(ssid: wifiName, passphrase: wifiPassword, isWEP: wep)
                NEHotspotConfigurationManager.shared.apply(hotspotConfig) { (hotSpotError) in
                    // [...]


        Running the app on iOS >= 13 (both device/simulator) works well as usual.

        Changing the iOS version to 12.0 makes the app crash like 11.0 version.


        Someone can help, please?