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        does anybody know if there is a way to show a NSAlert when the "messageReceived" event is called?


        If I create an alert in the event I get this message: "warning: unable to obtain service marshal for app-modal session"

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          For some unknown reasons, the whole AppKit engine works only once the Popover has been opened (probably there are some internal initializations).


          You can trigger it by doing this:

          SFSafariApplication.getActiveWindow { (window) in
            window?.getToolbarItem(completionHandler: { (item) in

          Then put your code inside:

          overridefunc viewDidAppear() {
          // Do here your AppKit code

          For some reasons, its not possible to use modals in Safari Extensions. Don't know why.

          The ability to use AppKit widgets is very limited. I use NSPanels.