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        When we use action extension with iOS13 Mail app, we don’t get the file url of the selected file. Instead we get it as _NSItemProviderSandboxedResource.


        The action extension works with other apps like DropBox(PDF) , Photos(PNG) etc but only with Mail it doesn’t.




        guard let inputItem = self.extensionContext?.inputItems.first as? NSExtensionItem, let provider = inputItem.attachments?.first else {
                if let typeIdentifier = provider.registeredTypeIdentifiers.first {
                    provider.loadItem(forTypeIdentifier: typeIdentifier, options: nil, completionHandler: { [weak self] (fileURL, error) in
                            print(fileURL as Any)
                            guard let fileURL = fileURL as? URL else {
         here                        ///On iOS13 mail app Its not a file URL. HOW Do we handle this  . We get _NSItemProviderSandboxedResource
                                //This is not an URL
                       //fileURL is proper in iOS12