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        I'm adding Universal Link support to a new app.


        I have done this before on 2 other apps in the past, and in those cases, the associated domains were entered in the project Capabilities tab (in XCode) like this:





        However, today using XCode, I see when I click the plus button to add a new domain specification, it pre-seeds the text field with




        Soooo, can someone tell me first if this is a replacement for applinks? So far, I have been unable to find any documentation which explains what happened to applinks. I found this page (https://developer.apple.com/documentation/security/password_autofill/setting_up_an_app_s_associated_domains) which simply shows what I see in XCode (ie. "webcredentials" and not "applinks") - so, what's the story?


        Similarly, this page shows the apple-app-site-association file which references "webcredentials" instead of the format I have used in the past which uses applinks. Are they interchangable? Does the apple-app-site-association file need both webcredentials section and an applinks section?

        Of course, my other apps which use universal links still work, and they use "applinks" - maybe they are interchangable now?


        Which should I use? Or both?

        Thanks. Jordan.