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        Hi, I have created an augmented reality fitness app called my.trainer AR and have searched everywhere to get a better understanding of how to get put on the rising ar page. Is it done by total luck of apple selecting it or do I need to submit some kind of form to get it put on.


        Someone, please help.

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          Wrong forum, but if you promise to be less casual next time I'll toss you a bone...


          Those apps are 'curated' by Apple staffers meaning they pick which are featured with a behind the scenes process. The only thing under the dev's control is working to submit an app that showcases the platform with unique features making it stand out from the crowd.


          And before you ask how, know there is no simple recipe...if there were, everyone would know/use it and then no one would stand out, so... at least you managed to drop your app name.


          Good luck.