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        Unlike pervious years, there are no sessions, or anything, for SceneKit.

        Are we supposed to go to Unity and (ugh) C#?

        Was there some sort of fallout with the SceneKit group?

        Was it written in Obj-C so it's a forgotten stepchild?

        Is Apple only interested in USDZ support?

        Reality Composer seems like a rudimentary editor for iPad and iPhone.


        No new features or editor improvements.

        Seems like it's been dropped in the hold with OpenGL.

        There's been time invested. Apple, guidance please?

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          I think SceneKit hasn't been abandoned, but the lack of updates and dedicated sessions this year is certainly discouraging. It seems they are currently focusing on ARKit and Metal.


          I'm on the pre-planning stage for a 3D iOS/macOS game, and my intention was to use SceneKit, since it's a really nice high-level native framework (except for the editor, ugh!). But now, I'm seriously considering Unity.


          It would be nice to know if Apple has any plans to support Scene Kit in the future with new additions, improved editor, more sample code, etc.

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            MKX Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)

            No updates in 2 years + both SpriteKit & SceneKit weren't that great anyway + not many developers were using them since most would use Metal or Unity = left for dead

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              Same request for Apple.


              Will we be able to use a RealityKit Scene instance in an SCNView to create an immersive experience (as opposed to an AR experience)?

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                I also saw the lack of WWDC 2019 sessions regarding SceneKit (or SpriteKit) as a cause for alarm. My company is pretty heavily invested in a project using both. Switching to Metal seems ruled out to us (just given how low-level it is) - and switching to Unity is something we don't want to do, and something Apple should be motivatived to discourage....


                I want to echo the request in this thread that someone from Apple should provide some reassurance. Obviously, we don't need to worry about SceneKit (or SpriteKit) going away any time in the next few years - which is a long time for software - but it would be really great if someone at Apple could indicate that teams remain committed to the frameworks, and that improvements, not just bug fixes, will continue.

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                  SceneKit is referenced in a number of AR and 3D related technologies and USD is deeply integrated into SceneKit. Scenes can be exported to USDZ. USD PBR material options, such as "clear coat", have been added, etc. While this isn't a major new rendering or animation feature, like motion blur or vertex skinning, it makes SceneKit a first class way to render USD content. 

                  Core data hasn't seen many updates lately, but that doesn't mean it's "dead."

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                      They may have added ClearCoat and a few associated parts, but having no documentation for it,

                      other than that it exists, doesn't fill one with confidence. All of the new SceneKit additions have empty

                      documentation. How much effort would it have taken to include a few lines explaining their function?


                      Are there any Apple developers on the other end of the line actually working on SceneKit any more?

                      After years of WWDC video classes, examples, along with major updates, suddenly going to nothing

                      this year just seems strange, specially with Apple Arcade coming. Seems like Scene/Sprite Kit would

                      be at the heart of several of those "indie" games. Did Apple see it all move to Unity, Unreal, or private

                      custom engines and Apple internally threw in the towel? Are we getting Newton-ed or OpenDoc-ed?


                      Poor way to treat your developers. What happens when AR goes out of fashion? (and it might, soon)

                      USD is cool, but you can't make a game out of loading AR furniture and dinosaurs running around in

                      Apple Park, and looking at them with an iPhone camera. AR does nothing to sell more Macs.


                      Do they think there will be some big market for selling USD/AR objects in the AppStore like they say they

                      will be doing with fonts? The Oculus Rift nudged another blip in VR history, but interest is fading again.