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      • 165. Re: Balance carried forward
        Cyan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

        Hey guys, I'm joining this thread, can't believe it.


        The **** "Balance Carried Forward" is showing for both May and June in my financial reports. I've sent email to general support & financial department.


        The general support says I need to talk to financial directly, which I've already done, but no response at all. (I've been waiting for days).


        I really don't know what to do at this point, hope all of you have already received your earnings.


        I will keep the status updated.

        • 166. Re: Balance carried forward
          Cyan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

          A whole week past, no response from financial yet. Sad.

          • 167. Re: Balance carried forward
            DPA Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

               Be sure they will ignore to the end. I after the incident radically changed activities, i recieve all payments from apple but one payment with one month delay, but after that no longer want to spend time developing applications, I found an activity in which i can earn more money than when app developing. At last 2 years i think appstore is not place for single developers. Just a look, many app development companies make money with fraudulent subscriptions for 0.99$ apps., lot of paid reviews 5 stars, lot of paid 1 star reviews to sink a competitor, I do not play these games, but sometimes I get very strange reviews with 1 star.(About "imposing subscribtion" I do not have any app with subs, Or about "annoying advertising", i do not have ads in my apps)

              I think - Right subsctibtion is only one possible way to take profit form app developing.

            You need spend lot of profit to boots your sales, users pay for marketing not for time of developer/designer work/others. Boost sales have wave effect,but very short time.

              Just looks on apple steps, they add advertising system in appstore, but just think "they take more money from developers for advertising in appstore", thats mean more money you need to spend to stay on the market, greed should have boundaries too, all think apple's commission is 30%, you need to buy mbp(1300$ update every 7 years) or  any mac, you buy iphone($700 update every 4 years) and ipad($330 update every 4 years) to test it, you also need to buy apple watch(400$ update every 4 years), because xcode watch simulator works like sh.. and absolutely not realible method to test before distribute app with watch support.

            Just calculate price of developing, 543$/y(for actual hardware mac iphone ipad watch) + 100$/y dev program + 133$/y rent of web server(i need it to store app content and other needs) = $776/Year - you pay for make apps.

            Apple comission is 30% from all your app sales,+ appstore paid promotion from 10%-60% of earning, do you pay to designer? or photoshop? maybe professional translation of app interface and app store description/keywords/title ($200 per language)? or just Google Translate? sometimes users put one star for a bad translation, what you get?

              Apple don't care, they calculate profit, you get only this "We are currently looking into this incident.  We will let you know as soon as we have additional details."


            P.S. I also have suspicions that the developers do not know the true number of sales, or they artificially underestimate them,

            There was a case when deleted 35% applications from the appstore.

            Surprisingly, but after this, revenue grew by 25%, it was not a bad applications, their average rating was 4.5 stars.


            JUST THINK ABOUT THAT AGAIN "after loss 35% of apps with average rating 4,5 stars revenue grew 25 percent!"

            • 168. Re: Balance carried forward
              Cyan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

              Thanks. I think you're right. This incident has kind of changed my mind of developing on iOS/macOS.

              • 169. Re: Balance carried forward
                Cyan Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

                Two weeks past, and I haven't received anything related.

                • 170. Re: Balance carried forward
                  dianapinkberry Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

                  I can’t believe you’ve just read my mind. I’m absolutely in the same situation. I’m developing apps for 2,5 for App Store and earn only 200$, and didn’t receive anything yet. I’ve spend more then 500$ for ads on their Apple Search Ads and more then 1500$ on others platforms, but it was absolutely pointless. As an indie poor developer who has no personally connections with theirs Editors who post on App Store Today apps from developers which they know, you’ll gain nothing. The just killed the market for indie developers with theirs in-app purchase and subscriptions system. I’ve strange reviews with one star too about features that I’vent in my apps. I’m in 100% the same place and just disappointed that I’ve waste my time on apps development for App Store. Their support don’t give a **** to help with promoting, on App Store Today almost everyday I see the same apps over and over again. Seems like another Illuminati’s pyramid for rich people. When Steve Jobs died they’ve make App Store only place to earn for big companies and if you want to earn, you should be just a regular worker in this company and nothing more. Like a slave. I better will create something for new Huawei OS in the next time. App Store just steal our time, while we creating these worthless things, they create bigger and more important things, so we should just open our eyes and start to lear more advanced technologies then only apps creating.

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                    rcbailey Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

                    It's been three months for me. After repeated unanswered emails, twitter DMs, and new open tickets, they finally responded saying:




                    We noticed irregular or suspicious activity connected to your developer account and paused related payments while we investigated. We are unable to provide additional information on our investigation.  Your payments should resume October 31.  Please monitor App Store Connect for your next payment date.


                    Thank you.


                    iTunes Finance"


                    Sounds like BS to me because I would have known if I performed any irregular activities. I also have 2-factor authentication turned on so I would have received an alert as well. When asked to provide further proof or evidence, which you think a company would do in fraudalent situation, they responded with this:


                    "As previously stated, we are unable to provide additional information on our investigation."

                    • 172. Re: Balance carried forward
                      KMT Level 9 Level 9 (15,825 points)

                           > I would have known if I performed any irregular activities.


                      I think by irregularity they mean fraud, so unless you're saying you'd have openly confessed simply by being asked at the outset of any fact finding, they might not have seen your participation as a viable investigative technique.

                      • 173. Re: Balance carried forward
                        khizar Tariq Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

                        I have just received reply from finance team. This is my very first payment , and I just reached threshold this month. I didn't able to see any expected payment date on appstoreconnect , thats why I email to finance. This is what they reply






                        We had your account blocked for an additional review before payment would be released.  That review has now been completed.  Your account will be unblocked in the next week or so and payment will be sent at the beginning of December if there are no returns or rejections.

                        Thank you,

                        iTunes Finance






                        Can anyone explain why they block my account?

                        • 174. Re: Balance carried forward
                          moonsted Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

                          What is the status here? Who did you contact at apple to get your money?

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