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        I am working for an Indian startup. We are finishing the apps - iOS and Android.

        Can we submit the Indian registered company app to USA appstore?


        Best, Chandra

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          Welcome to devForums - Thank you for your question today, which I understand is whether or not there are certain store-selling restrictions based on the country the Developer Program account holder is from. I will be happy to help you with your query.


          Can only comment here on iOS apps, but in general, devs can submit an app and sell in most any supported store/country, regardless of which country the account owner/company resides in.


          Note that not all types of apps are allowed for sale in all countries/stores, example is games.


          You don't talk about the apps you are building, what they do, what category, what type, etc., so...



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              Ah, apologies, for not mentioning enough details in the question.

              And, thanks much for the quick response.


              Here are the details you have asked for...


              1. I was asking about iOS apps.
              2. Our app is kind of a lifestyle app with some social networking elements in it (that much I can give details about it now). Users can share news URLs, upload photos, they would mention first name and last name.
              3. Can my company submit the app to AppStore so that it can be downloadable worldwide?
              4. As my company is only registered in India, can the users in USA download the app? Or, do persons in USA have to change the AppStore country to India to be able to download the app?
              5. Can only USA registered companies upload apps onto AppStore so that USA folks can download it?


              Please let me know if I can provide any other details.