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        Can you dynamically program the prices of a subscription without automatic renewal with Swift?

        I have implemented in-App-purchase.

        Thank you.

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          You should move your post to in-app-purchase section.


          Good luck.

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            You have limited control over an autorenewable subscription.  You can only change the price of a particular product (that the user has purchased) on App Store Connect.  When the price is changed, the autorenewing function changes in a prescribed way as described by Apple.


            But with a non-renewing subscription you can do it dynamically by chosing to display any one of many possible non-renewing subscription 'products'.  The user does not need to know which particular 'product' they are being offered.  The price for each 'product' is different.  Each 'product' has a different productIdentifier and price but otherwise all the information (metadata description and duration) are the same.  If you want to offer the subscription renewal for $0.99 show only product1.  If you want to charge $2.99 show product3.

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                This looks like a great solution, but wouldn't the user be able to see all the products if they go to Settings -> [tap their name] -> iTunes & App Store -> [tap their Apple ID] -> View Apple ID -> Subscriptions ?


                I know it's kinda burried, but I'm wondering if the user will be able to switch to a different subscription from there, which will kill this solution.