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        Enabling Logging
        1. DownloadthewatchOSloggingprofiletothepairediPhone.

        If necessary, email the profile or use AirDrop to transfer the profile to the iOS device.

        1. Tap the profile in the body of the email.
        2. Choose ‘Apple Watch’ when prompted.
        3. Tap Install (enter passcode, if prompted), agree to the consent form and tap Install.
        4. Reproduce the issue.
        5. Trigger a sysdiagnose by pressing and holding both the Side and Digital Crown buttons on the Watchfor two seconds and release.

        Gathering Logging

        1. PlacetheAppleWatchonthechargingpuck.
        2. Make sure the iPhone is within range of the watch.
        3. Wait for up to 15 minutes for the Apple Watch to sync the files to the iPhone. 4. Plug the iPhone into your host computer.
        5. Launch iTunes.
        6. Sync your iPhone with iTunes.
        7. Copyallavailablelogsasdescribedbelow


        The instructions are above which I have followed to the letter as folows:


        I have tried both the following inputs into the “Go to Folder”in Finder:










        Both of these have produced the sysdiagnose file which shows no reference to the iWatch.


        I would be most grateful if an expert on this forum could advise if the inputs that I am entering to obtain the iWatch sysdiagnose file are correct and if not, where in each line above are the items that should be corrected.


        With kind regards


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          As a follow-up to my post above, the sysdiagnose is suppoesed to take no longer than 15 minutes to download onto my iMac but since I tried to get this folder on 11th July the download is stil showing






          My understanding of these outputs is that the iPhone never completed the download so I would be gratefulif anyone could put me in the right direction to resolve this issue.


          many tanks