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        I was wondering if there is a way to configure an Xcode Bot to run a specific Test Plan(new funcionality in Xcode 11) so that I can create different bots to run at different times for the same scheme(e.g. The smoke suite to run daily and the regression suite only when master code has a change in it).

        In the bot configuration there is only the option to select the scheme and cannot select a specific test plan.

        In the latest WWDC19 there is a xcodebuild command that can be used to run a specific test plan. I tried to use is in the "Arguments" and "Triggers" Bot's configuration menu but with no luck. "$ xcodebuild -project XCTestPlan.xcodeproj/ -scheme XCTestPlan -destination 'platform=iOS Simulator,OS=13.0,name=iPhone XR'  test -testPlan functional"

        Did someone tried and succeded this?