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        I've been using the mediastreamvalidator to validate some streams created in our lab enviroment.

        The setup is one HEVC channel in six HEVC encoded profiles, with one 5.1 AAC-LC audio, just to make things a bit more complicated the segments are TS not CMAF (fMP4)


        Variant Overview

        Audio ID#Max Rate% Diff.Avg RateResolutionIDR Int.FramerateCodecProfileLevelEncryptionAvg Seg CountAvg PL DurationAudio Track Info
        audio145711.6%453--Unknown----4.000:00:24AAC-LC, 6-CH


        31844.1%3087(1920 x 1080)-Unknown(HEVC)(Main)(4.1)-4.000:00:24-
        342233.5%4112(1920 x 1080)-Unknown(HEVC)(Main)(4.1)-4.000:00:24-
        468943.9%6671(1920 x 1080)-Unknown(HEVC)(Main)(4.1)-4.000:00:24-
        588952.5%8719(2560 x 1440)-Unknown(HEVC)(Main)(5)-4.000:00:24-
        6131302.9%12820(3840 x 2160)-Unknown(HEVC)(Main)(5.1)-4.000:00:24-
        7173022.7%16916(3840 x 2160)-Unknown(HEVC)(Main)(5.1)-4.000:00:24-


        To my suprise I did not get any 'must fix issues' for following:


        1. HEVC main level 5.1 is used for two of the profiles, the HLS Authoring Specification for Apple Devices says: '1.6. Profile, Level, and Tier for HEVC MUST be less than or equal to Main10 Profile, Level 5.0, High Tier.'


        2. Segments are TS (not fMP4), the HLS Authoring Specification for Apple Devices says '1.5. The container format for HEVC video MUST be fMP4.'