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        So we have been submitting our app for review and the app gets rejected because of the following reason:


        The buttons for “Remove ADs” and “Buy 5 Nukes” IAP did not respond when reviewed on iPad running iOS 12.3.1 on Wi-Fi. We haven't any clue what to do.


        I would like to know if:


        1) The IAP options need to be reviewed and approved prior to the submitting the binary for approval.

        2) If the IAP options are not approved will the links / buttons to the IAP function when the Binary is being reviewed?


        We have been having this problem for 2 weeks and we don't know what we need to do to fix the issue and Apple keeps providing us with the same rejection notice without any details on what needs to happen.


        I would also at this point be happy to pay to have someone review fix and submit this for approval for us as we can't figure this out so a referral would also be appreciated.