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        I need to monitor in my app which interacts with BLE when a user is on the phone or not due to a limitation with some devices and BLE. I've written a basic call observer to test - but when the application is backgrounded it is not receiving any updates. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get call status notifications in the background?



        class ViewController: UIViewController{
          @IBOutlet weak var callStatusLabel: UILabel!
          var callObs : CXCallObserver!
          override func viewDidLoad() {
            callObs = CXCallObserver()
            callObs.setDelegate(self, queue: nil)
            print("Monitoring Calls")
            callStatusLabel.text = "Monitoring..."
            self.view.backgroundColor = UIColor.yellow
          override func didReceiveMemoryWarning() {
        extension ViewController : CXCallObserverDelegate
          func callObserver(_: CXCallObserver, callChanged: CXCall)
              print("Call Ended")
              callStatusLabel.text = "Call Ended"
              self.view.backgroundColor = UIColor.green
            else if(callChanged.hasConnected)
              print("Call Connected")
              callStatusLabel.text = "Call Connected"
              self.view.backgroundColor = UIColor.red


        I currently have the following Background modes enabled:

        • Audio, AirPlay & PIP
        • Loc Updates
        • VOIP
        • External accessory comm
        • Uses BLE
        • Background Fetch

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          I've also been trying to figure out how to get the call status when my app is in the background. I realize I'm replying to this 2 years later, but I'm still shocked that Apple hasn't made this functionality possible. CallKit needs to be geared toward more than just VoIP.