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        Hey Guys,


        A big question I ask myself is how does these App work, where you earn mony by downloading Apps. How do they check if you download and opened it.


        yours sincerely Tell aka. YlikeThis

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          They don't pay you just because you download...they have no way to link you to the download right off the bat...it's not that simple.


          Most pay for some activity in the form of a reward, but only after you provide more info about your identity etc., and only as you use the app.


          Some rely on you being willing to hand over extensive personal data, after downloading, as part of the process, the details of which vary depending on their particular scheme and the value they place on what data they obtain. Ten cents on the dollar for personal data seems generous, in those examples, BTW. Most users have little awareness about what their data is actually worth and tend to give it up easily for blankets and beads...



          h ttps://www.redbytes.in/top-9-apps-that-pay-you-to-use-them/


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