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        Building Framing Protocols

        Collecting Metrics

        Best Practices and Status Updates



        If you're using URLSession and Network.framework, you'll be able to take advantage of all of Apple's iOS network technologies.






        Supported on:



        Windows 10




        All Apple platforms



        Wide-Area Service Discovery



        Discovery proxy allows Bonjour packets to be forwarded.

        What this means for your app



        When browsing, specify "nil" for domain

        Specifying "local" will explicitly prevent non-local discovery.



        Service Discovery in Network.framework



        Network.framework Establishment Support



        Optimistic DNS



        Now enabled by default

        Improves performance for answers with short times-to-live



        iPad Apps for Mac



        In your Xcode settings, when you check the box for Mac:



        Outgoing network connections are allowed by default

        Incoming network connections are not allowed by default



        Performance and Privacy Improvements with TLS 1.3



        One round trip

        AEAD (authenticated encryption with additional data) with Forward Secrecy

        Certificates and most handshake fields are encrypted

        Work on Encrypted SNI underway



        Update your apps and servers to use TLS 1.3.



        When testing your apps, use the Network Link Conditioner (under Window: Devices and Simulators in Xcode)





        Avoid networking pre-flight checks

        - They have inherent race conditions