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        Note: This is all iOS; macOS is bering covered in a session on Friday.


        Low Data Mode

        Combine in URLSession


        Mobility improvements



        Low Data Mode



        New feature in iOS 13



        Write your apps to allow them to be conservative with network use when in low bandwidth situations

        Always save network data when there is no impact on the user experience.



        Ways to implement:



        Reduce image quality

        Reduce data pre-fetching

        Synchronize less often

        Mark background tasks as discretionary, so that your app can skip them as needed.

        Disable auto-play

        Do not block user-initiated work



        Combine in URLSession






        New Foundation API for WebSocket, works with existing URLSession configuration objects.



        Both client and server support

        Receive partial or complete WebSocket messages



        Mobility Improvements in iOS 13



        Up through iOS 12:



        Multipath TCP - sending data traffic over both WiFi and cellular data

        Wi-Fi Assist - If the Wi-Fi signal gets bad or weak, the phone automatically switches to sending over cellular data



        In iOS 13:



        Wi-Fi Assist



        All components in the system are providing information to Wi-Fi Assist, to help Wi-Fi Assist assess if it needs to send data over cellular data.





        Multipath TCP



        Apple made an assessment of their own apps and enabled multi-path TCP for:



        Apple Maps, to improve Maps' responsiveness.

        Music.app - Fewer streaming music stalls.



        Multipath TCP requires that both the client and server side be configured to work correctly with multipath TCP.






        Mobility should not impair your apps

        Use high-level APIs, to get the full benefits of Apple's improvements and Wi-Fi Assist.

        Rethink interface management

        Prepare your serves to use multipath TCP